Marrying in the 30s

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Published: 19th August 2009
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With the global lifestyles, ambitions and careers of young Indians, they are marrying later than the previous generations did. It is more prevalent among people who migrated to other cities or countries in search of better jobs, since their career assumes importance compared with marrying. Also, with younger people often not continuing to live with their parents and families after finishing college, there is less pressure to get married early. Financial considerations also come into play since people wish to save enough before they get married so that they don't have to struggle in their careers as hard and can settle down after marriage to raise a family.

At, although most of our members are in their 20s, we have seen a growing number of people looking to marry into 30s. Marrying in the 30s is not considered taboo any more. Most of these "older" members live overseas or in bigger cities, where careers are more competitive. Also, the lure of a metropolitan lifestyle and a more active social life can delay the commitment to enter into marriage. Also, with the housing boom in India and around the world, the dream of owning a home before getting married also seems to play a part in later marriages.

Marrying in the 30s is definitely not as taboo as it used to be in past generations. Parents understand their children's career aspirations, and so do not discourage them from marrying late. Also, young people are increasingly taking greater control over their matrimonial process, and wish to find partners only after extensive communication and getting to know each other. This does result in a more conducive and healthy marriage.

Technology has also brought in a shift into marrying later for most young professionals in India and abroad. As the use of computers and the Internet has become more widespread, prospective brides and grooms are taking longer to find the perfect match. Emails, online matrimonial sites like etc. have provided a far greater set of communication mediums to young people than were available just a few years back, with the result that people are engaging in deeper conversations with more prospective matches before choosing the perfect partner.

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